Monday, January 4, 2010

4 Jan. Bridge Building Activity Debrief (II)

I felt good working with the team as they are very friendly and willing to talk.

I think that my group and I have some problems communicating as some are not serious at work and always playing a fool.

During the Bridge Building Activity, I learnt that I needed to have a good planning to get avoid encountering more problems, as my group did not plan throughly about building the bridge. We encounter several problems but despite of the setbacks we managed to find solutions to it.

I experienced some discomfort as they were not serious at work and always inattentive.

At the end, with the help and advices from our teacher, Miss Seah, we managed to get back to work at the last 40 minutes although we will have a lot of touch-up to do, we had learn our lesson.

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