Tuesday, January 12, 2010

12 Jan (02): History of numbers... & Numbers as a language

A unary numeration system is another number system. How to use the unary numeration system?
To use the unary numeration system is very easy. in order to represent Number X. The tally mark like this " l " will repeat X times.
(e.g 5 = " lllll ")

In Brazil and France, the number 5 is not written like this " lllll " but using four "sticks" to form a square and another one to cross the square diagonally.

To write 2010 in unary numeration system is IMPOSSIBLE i surfed the net to see if there is any way to write the number 0 but they all said it was impossible.


  1. Hi Jasper, would you be able to share more (in this post) how the unary numeration system look like? (e.g. the way it's written).

    Perhaps some visuals would be useful?
    Also, how does it look like (in written form) when "2010" is written using this system?

    Look forward to see the elaboration :D