Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Activity 2: Getting To Know Places With Google Maps (Part 1)

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This is another route from my home to school.

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This is the route from my home to school. The other infomation that Google Maps provides me with is the estimated time off the journey. The infomation are very reliable as it is very updated.


  1. Just wondering... does GoogleMap provide other suggested routes? or you preferred to take bus (haha... I'm asking this question because the bus journey from Jurong MRT Station to the school seems long?).

    Try adding other locations on the same map and insert a couple of images on those marked locations :D


    Looking forward to see your digital collage, too!

  2. I just posted the other route. There is still 2 more other routes that I have not posted. But the other route take the least time out of the other